Monday, May 18, 2009

3d studio max 2010

Autodesk released a new version of its masterpiece 3d studio max.
So we take a step further in cg software and travel to year 2010.

A lot of new features are implemented which will make our daily
encounter with the 3d world much easier.

Rendering time is for a hobby artist like me a nightmare (should have bought
the server instead of the laptop next to it :) ,
so one of the great new features is a realtime viewport display option
which makes the perspective viewport into a preview of the rendered scene
with lights and shadows.
A great way to spot failures in texture or shadows even before the rendering
has began.

The new Graphite modeling tools bring a hole new level to modeling
(the user interface is now user friendly ;) , improved selection tools
allow new ways to increase or decrease polygons without destroying
the structure of the model.

Mental ray options are also extended with better slider controls.

Here is a link for a free download of a 30 day trial: